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Our fresh approach to the Asian dining scene creates a flavorful journey that all of your senses will enjoy

Explore our uniquely inspired menu that includes modern interpretations of Asian dishes that allow you to travel through flavor. You can toast any day of the week with our made from scratch cocktails and depart on a local taste vacation full of surprises. The experience is one that you will not want to keep from your friends and family.

chef masa

the man behind the wok

Chef Masa was born and raised in Japan, where he was introduced to the restaurant industry and quickly fell in love with hospitality. From a very young age Chef Masa was inspired by his mother and grandmother's passion for cooking. At CO this is where his love for fresh and robust flavors are brought to life in our menu items. With over 25 years of culinary experience, Chef Masa has transformed CO into an unstoppable force, bringing his interpretation of Asian cuisine to four major cities in the Southeast.
Zen & The Art of Dining
CO was designed with an urban interpretation of the Japanese Zen architectural philosophy which promotes the ideas of freedom and the essence of living in a sleek and modern setting. The use of floor to ceiling windows highlights the principle of Ma which removes all unnecessary walls to connect the interior with the exterior. The interior design is reduced down to the most essential qualities resulting in a truly enlightened dining experience.

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